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  • in reply to: Anybody using Wusik 5, can’t get multi out to work #14995

    Each layer is using a different audio output.

    Thanks to your reply, it un-mashed my brain to think through what you were suggesting.
    I have managed to open different outputs on separate tracks, controlled via Midi on the “top” track. My setup is shown crudely below:

    Viral Outbreak output 1 & 2 (track one) Midi control
    Viral Outbreak output 3 & 4 (track two)
    Viral Outbreak output 5 & 6 (track three)
    Viral Outbreak output 7 & 8 (track four)

    Thanks for this Druid. It certainly got me through to the solution.


    in reply to: Divide by zero crash at startup?? #14390

    Markus (Tone 2) puts some kind of watermark in his latest synths/effects. I have definitely had Gladiator try and phone home on occasion when just opening podium (gladiator already scanned).
    I have Internet on my DAW setup, but I disable it before I open Podium to cut down on nasty process/interrupt surprises when recording.

    I have not had a crash for some time now so I am not quite sure why Gladiator was causing it in the first place and not now (it was definitely Gladiator though, because I un-installed everything else from Podium)…

    Maybe Frits will be able to shed some light on this.

    in reply to: Divide by zero crash at startup?? #14388

    Have you got any VST’s trying to call home (Tone 2 stuff is a real pain).

    I was getting something similar a while back which I put down to Tone 2 stuff. Once I had stopped Podium from getting Internet access it seemed to go away. Not entirely sure they were divide by zero, but definitely random at start up though.

    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Greetings my Lords!!! #13710

    I thought the site had been hacked by some Hollywood studio for a moment… 😮

    My vote goes for something that I think Frits is doing soon anyhow.

    Midi Patching please (zMidi ?) ++++1 😛

    in reply to: Preview 2.06: Bounce/Freeze #13369

    @ Frits

    I have just tried using Beta 3 ( I know I am one behind ) and it still wants to connect to the Internet but does not crash if I stop access.
    When an arrangement was opened up it had finished loading the arrangement it then asks to connect to the Internet.

    It is not a big problem as long as it does not start to crash on every opening. I’m guessing it is still some plugin or other causing it somehow ?

    in reply to: Preview 2.06: Bounce/Freeze #13352

    Sorry, changing the subject back to a few posts ago:

    @ Frits: Podium crashes via the firewall (ZoneAlarm), i.e. a message from ZoneAlarm pops up asking to allow Podium to connect.
    Most of the time I have my network disconnected (in software) when working in audio as it saves the interrupts going ape and causing clicks etc.

    Just tried it with only Kubik, Cameleon and Atomic as the only VSTi’s loaded and it is still the same, i.e. crashes. I don’t recall any of those causing a problem before.

    Hope the info helps you track down what is happening…

    in reply to: Preview 2.06: Bounce/Freeze #13340

    Hi Frits,

    Good weekend I hope… 🙂

    I can confirm the crashes on the Beta.
    It is on the first load/opening of the day of Podium.

    It wants to connect to the Internet and the Beta crashes if you don’t allow access (sometimes my connection is purposefully disconnected to stop interrupts upsetting the audio).

    I have just tried the last full version (2.05) and though it wants to connect to internet, it does not crash if you don’t allow access, so the problem seems to be with the Beta.
    Even on the Beta, once the first crash has happened and you open it again, it does not seem to want to connect to the internet so it runs fine.

    I do not have Gladiator installed at the moment, so it is not that causing the problem. I have Kubik, Ogun, Morphine, Cameleon and Atomic installed at present.

    Using Win XP with Dual core, if that helps. Any other info you need, let me know.

    in reply to: Multiple outs questions, weird sign #13260

    Hi LiquidProj3ct

    I have never set up a multiple out, so it is not a direct answer to your question.
    I’m afraid that the “Red !” symbol kind of means that something is wrong with your setup and you will have to fix it .

    Have you had a look at the Wiki at all. There are some very good tutorials by Podianer (a little old now, but still useful). Take a look at the one I have given a link to below. It may help.

    Other than that, it may be a problem with the plugin itself…

    Anyway, here’s the tutorial link:

    Hopefully the tutorial will help, if not maybe somebody else will chime in with an answer for you.

    in reply to: Routing of Midi is confusing me #13228

    Thanks estwing (Mart). 🙂

    Your suggestions sorted it.

    The problems I have are that I don’t use (have the time) to be in Podium land very much. When I do get back to it, I have forgotten how to do something or Frits has changed/added to the program and it all looks foreign to me again.

    Now I just have to note these things down in some meaningful format for the future.

    Thanks again

    Dunc 8)

    in reply to: Problem with small Midi plug icon #13211

    It seems to have cleared and reset itself to the right icon now that I have rebooted Windows and gone from “None” in the Midi Input interface dialog back to “USB Audio Device.”

    I did try doing all the above and more without the reboot and nothing changed…Strange that this did not seem to want to clear until a reboot, however, it’s sorted now.

    Thanks for your help Frits. 🙂

    in reply to: Problem with small Midi plug icon #13207

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Frits, been away this last week.

    I tried setting the output interface to none, it did not make any differance…

    Also tried to deselect the interface as an input/output option in setup, no difference.

    Any idea what is going on here.

    in reply to: MIDI and audio routing of an external #13152

    Sorry my Danish is non existant (being at the Roskilde Festival several times has only made my brain worse for learning Danish…too much beer 😆 )

    I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve but, I will outline something I have just done.

    I have my Korg Prophecy on 1 stereo input track and I have applied effects to the Korg sound by opening an effects VST on the same track using the same MIDI device my Korg is plugged into.

    Is the above something along the lines of what you are trying to achieve ?

    There may be something a bit different about the Yamaha MU10 in how it would achieve this.
    If you can, let us know what you are specifically trying to do. I’m sure somebody will be able to help, somehow.

    Technophobia 🙂

    in reply to: Preview 2.04: Pre/post fader and meter improvements #12940

    I must be just dumb….

    Where, exactly, are the options for removing the arrows and for making the Pan dials into faders ?

    I have been looking through all the menu’s I can and I cannot see them 😳 .

    Is there no way of having separate mouse activation areas that will just bring up Menu options for that particular feature ?
    e.g. right click on the Pan Dial/Fader and a pop up menu with the option to change it to a Fader/Dial, Pan Law etc appears. Change it for one Pan, changes for all. Click on a Meter brings up a pop up for the option of which K meter you would like (once selected, all meters adhere to the selection). I’m not sure everybody knows which specific type of K meter they want at project setup and trying to change that later is more obscured than it should be.

    Don’t get me wrong Frits, I really appreciate the ideas you have and are implementing :D. I just can’t help but feel that the program is now getting so complex and options are buried in way to deep on menus that list all manner of things I am not interested in for the button/dial etc I am trying to change function of.

    I can appreciate that you work with the program all the time and you instantly know where to look for the stuff you need to access but I suspect most other people are like me and struggle to find something that should be easily found.

    The huge amount of menu trawling was the main reason for me leaving Cubase and Sonar behind. It all got in the way of trying to quickly change things and carry on with recording.

    Keep up the good work and the innovations but, please keep in mind that it also needs to be easy to access 🙂 .

    I like the Mixer Grid (brilliant idea) and I would go with Conquistador on this, make it a pop up that is slightly larger to enable easy selection the required block. 🙂

    Can anybody else chime in on this or is it just me that feels this way.

    in reply to: Preview 2.04: Pre/post fader and meter improvements #12886

    I like this Frits, a neat solution to a tricksy idea. Brilliant…

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